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You are the Protocol

May 19 in Planet M, part of DEAF

On Saturday May 19th Sander Veenhof in collaboration with Duncan Speakman present  in Planet M a special workshop about the strength of fictional stories in the city using the offline communication network YOU ARE THE PROTOCOL.

Workshop starts at 1, 3 and 5 pm. Part of DEAF, Dutch Electronic Art Festival. Location Coolsingen, Rotterdam

"YOU ARE THE PROTOCOL" is a communication network based on dynamically generated QR-codes which contain multiple messages each. It works like the IP-protocol (which powers the internet) but in this case you are responsible for the traffic of messages, which are carried around in the offline cache of your smartphone.

Useful in cases of incidental network loss, deliberate political deactivation of networks or in situations/countries with minimal online connectivity. Whether you an activist, a hidden storyteller or just a communication addict - this offline dynamic messaging system allows you to keep on communicating. Define your usage, define you communication strategy - you are the protocol.

Scan the codes to extract the encoded messages from the QR-codes, carry them around and re-distribute your and other peoples' messages by generating and printing new QR-codes to spread around in public space.

Developed during the Vivo ARTE.MOV / NIMk residency 2012