Installation Art : Who Cares? Dutch Film Premiere

May 20

20 May 2011 NIMk, Amsterdam

5 - 7 pm
The maintenance and conservation of installation art presents a big challenge. This documentary, produced under the commission of the SBMK, will be presented for the first time and aims to provide a glimpse from behind the scenes regarding contemporary art preservation practices and to shed light on the conservation of media art and performance based art.

The film offers a glimpse behind the scence of the European museum. It investigates three cases that shed an interesting light on the practices and issues that the conservator of modern and contemporary art deal with.

How to preserve and reinstall the work Notion Motion by Olafur Eliasson: 1.500 m2 of water, light and movement? What about works that are based on outdated technology? A large group of experts worked on the restoration of Exhange Fields, an interactive video-installation by Bill Seaman. Despite the fact that the work is only ten years old, it had to be completely restored and digitalized. And the artist Tino Sehgal doesn't allow any form of documentation of his works. Tate London acquired his performance This Is Propaganda in 2005. Will Tate be able to keep on showing this work to the public?

The film is 30 minutes, English spoken, subtitled in Spanish, Dutch and German. Produced by Michiel Hogenboom, director Maarten Tromp.

This documentary has been created in collaboration with a group of experts from 35 organizations; working together in the INCCA affiliated projects Inside Installations (2004-2007) and PRACTICs (2009-2011). These European research projects deal with the conservation, presentation and documentation of complex artworks.

The film aims to inform and to increase the public's understanding and appreciation of installation art and its conservation.



Tracy Metz 5:00 - 5.20 pm

‘the making of’ 5:20 - 5.50 pm
SBMK Coordinator Paulien ’t Hoen in conversation with producer Michiel Hogenboom and director Maarten Tromp.

SCREENING 5:50 -6:20 pm

DRINKS 6:20 – 7:00 pm

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