Inside Installations - Cases

The Netherlands Institute for Media Art together with the Instituut Collectie Nederland (ICN) managed two of the the 33 case studies: Revolution (a monument for the television revolution) from 1990 by Jeffrey Shaw & Tjebbe van Tijnen & Albert's Ark from 1990 by Bill Spinhoven.

Both installations are specially made for the travelling exhibition 'Imago, fin de siècle in Dutch contemporary art' (1990) which resulted from a co-production of the then RBK (now ICN) and MonteVideo (now Netherlands Institute of Media Art).

Jeffrey Shaw & Tjebbe van Tijen: Revolution (a monument for the television revolution), 1990.

Case studie report: Simone Vermaat en Annick Kleisen 2007 (pdf)

1. videoregistration

2. emulation proposal
3. installation instructions
4. interview with Tjebbe van Tijen

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Albert’s Ark: A Glance into the Fourth Dimension

Case studie report: Gaby Wijers en Erik van Tuijn, 2007 (pdf)

1. video registration

2. concept emulation
3. installation instruction
4. presentation Bill Spinhoven 09/03/2007

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