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The Netherlands Media Art Institute is known for the active distribution of its collection of more than 2,000 video works and media installations, varying from the earliest experiments in media art through recent productions by known Dutch and international artists, and rising talents.

Since 2010, NIMk extends its existing distribution services with a selection of computer-based and net-based works.

With this extension to its distribution collection, NIMk strengthens its position supporting media art and artists in the Netherlands and increases the visibility of Dutch media art worldwide. In its selection of works, NIMk follows up on artists who have a strong relationship with the institution, both because of previous presentations and/or via its artist in residency program. NIMk now further promotes these artists and works and facilitates their presentation at national and international festivals, manifestations and exhibitions at various art institutions.

The distributed installations and media projects are all documented in NIMk's on-line public catalogue. In the mediatheque, documentation of the works can be viewed and on request a dedicated catalogue  is available.


As part of its distribution services, specialized NIMk staff can assists curators and programmers in the selection of work, by recommending artists and thematic selections. The NIMk distribution staff also creates special programs upon request. Elaborate expert advise on technical requirements is provided, as well as installation, space and shipping instructions.

Esther Polak: NomadicMILK (2007-2010)

In collaboration with V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media

The Netherlands Media Art Institute and V2_Institute for the Unstable Media (V2_, Rotterdam) join forces to introduce their dissemination and distribution services for media art.
Both NIMk and V2_ are known for their long-term experience in presentation, research and development of media art, and have been engaged for nearly 30 years in actively supporting media artists.
V2_ launches a new agency for the distribution of media artworks, which expands the institution’s role of a platform for the research, production, presentation and archiving of media art. NIMk builds forth on its existing distribution collection of video works and media installations.
NIMk Distribution and V2_Agency collaborated on the production of a shared catalogue of represented artworks.

De Geuzen: Global Anxiety Monitor (2007)


 Transmediale.11: Launch of distribution computer- and net-based art
Since 2010, NIMk extends its existing distribution services with a selection of computer-based and net-based works. NIMk launches this extension to its collection, in collaboration with V2_ (Rotterdam), at the Transmediale.11 festival in Berlin (February 1-6, 2011). read more »

Selection of works

 Computer- and internet-based art in distribution 2010
Works by Sonia Cillari, Govcom.org, De Geuzen, JODI and Esther Polak. read more »