New works added to our distribution collection.

In alphabetic order

Emmanuelle Antille Angels Camp, part I-IV (CH, 2003, 79’13’’);
By the River
(part I, 17'20''),
The Red Cabins
(part II, 21'39'),
From the Woods (part III, 19'00'),
The Creek
(part IV, 21'21').
Both the full-length video is available, as well as each of the four parts as a separate work.

Azorro Group - Proposal (PL, 2004, 1’52')
Azorro Group - Portrait with the curator (PL, 2003, 7’35')
Yael Bartana - You could be lucky (NL, 2004, 7’00')
James Beckett - Pioneer (NL, 2003, 2'46')
Antonin de Bemels - Au Quart de Tour (BE, 2004, 6’25')
Broersen & Lukács - Prime Time Paradise (NL, 2004, 11’00')
Jan de Bruin - Calling 911 (NL, 2004, 6’04')
Seoungho Cho
- Show Your Tongue (USA, 2005, 6'08')
Seoungho Cho - WS. 2 (USA, 2004, 8’55')
Anouk de Clercq, Joris Cool & Eavesdropper - Kernwasser Wunderland (BE, 2004, 10'00'')
Arno Coenen & Transformer di Roboter - Baghdad Disco (NL, 2005, 4'44')
Pierre-yves Cruaud - Strategie, signe et geste (FR, 2004, 6’15')
eddie d - Sonatina (NL, 2004, 2’05”)
Sebastian Diaz MoralesThe Man with the Bag (RA/FA/NL, 2004, 39’10” avaialable as installation and for cinema screenings)
Sebastian Diaz Morales
- Lucharemos hasta anular la ley (RA, 2004, 10’00')
Jeremy Drummond Home Is Where You're Happy (CA, 2003, 31’00');
Mustache Park (3'30'),
Post-Mortal Ejaculation (5'38'),
The Director's Cut
Junk Mail
Prevention Tank
A Safer America
Both the full-length video is available, as well as each of the seven parts as a separate work.

Johan Grimonprez - Looking for Alfred (B, 2005, 10'02')
Kurt d'Haeseleer - Fossilization(B, 2005, 9'09')
Caitlin Hulscher - Passengers III (NL, 2005, 5’26')
Rob Johannesma - Avtovo (NL, 2004, 8’53')
Gabriel Lester - Urban Surface (NL, 2005, 10'40')
Ra di Martino - Untitled (Rambo) (IT, 2003, 3'00')
Lin de Mol - Mermaid (NL, 2005, 2’25')
Pieter Paul Mortier - In the midst of… (BE, 2005, 19’00')
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay & Pascal Lièvre - Patriotic (CA/F, 2005, 4'05')
Jan van Nuenen - Warning Petroleum Pipeline (NL, 2004, .4’45”)
Els Opsomer - Imovie 1, The Agony of Silence (BE, 2004, 11'57')
Sara Rajaei -A Day of Amnesia (NL, 2004, 6'07')
Julika Rudelius - Economic Primacy (NL, 2005, installation, configuration and registration)
Julika Rudelius - Your blood is as red as mine (NL, 2004, 16’17')
Manuel Saiz Specialized Technicians Required : Being Luis Porcar (ES, 2005, 1’30')
Mike Stubbs - Cultural quarter (UK, 2003, 10'00')
Roy Villevoye - Beginnings (NL, 2005, 18'40')
Pia Wergius - Featherly Genes (NL, 2004, 7’30')
Guido van der Werve - Nummer drie (NL, 2004, 10'00')
Guido van der Werve - Nummer vier (NL, 2005, 11'45')

To make a large audience acquainted with media art, The Netherlands Media Art Institute pursues an active distribution policy for videos and media installations. These are presented at national and international festivals, manifestations and exhibitions at various art institutions, and are shown for educational purposes. The videos and installations are documented in the on-line public catalogue http://catalogue.montevideo.nl/. In the mediatheque all the works from the collection can be viewed on viewing sets.

Works are available for rental on Beta SP (pal) or DVD. For Umatic and (s)VHS and all NTSC formats we charge additional production costs, determined by the length of the work. Rentals must have a scheduled screening date. For screenings outside the Netherlands, orders have to be placed at least 3 weeks before the screening date.

Please read the rental conditions carefully (Collection/distribution) to review procedures for formats, payment instructions, shipping, tape returns, terms, and image requests. For extended exhibition and extensive program inquiries or purchase of tapes please contact Theus Zwakhals theus@nimk.nl.

With respect to the exhibition of installations the prices differ per work. For information about screening fees, technical equipment, spatial conditions, construction and transport of installations, please contact the distribution staff.