JODI Geo Goo (Collectie NIMk)

Artists are increasingly using digital technology. The rapid dating of these media stands in stark contrast to the notion of art as heritage that has permanent value. Institutions that collect art and present it wrestle with the problems surrounding the management and conservation of their works. The publication “Born-digital artworks in the Netherlands” is part of the SBMK / Netherlands Media Art Institute Conservation Project and is published in conjunction with Virtual Platform and DEN. The publication presents the results of the literature search, a survey among fourteen leading museum institutions, interviews with stakeholders (directors, curators, conservators) and reports of international expert meetings.

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The publication concludes with clear strategic, policy and practical recommendations. A direct result of the research is the start of the Digital Art Force (DAF), an initiative by the aforementioned parties according to the recommendations of the study. The four partners realize that, despite the difficult economic circumstances, action should be taken so that future generations can continue to experience today's digital art .

Partners Digital Art Force (DAF):
Virtueel Platform

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