January 20 - February 10 // opening January 20, 19.00hrs

image: 'celebration' Kevin Bray

Opening: January 20, 2012
Free entrance
Doors open at 19.00
Performances begin at 19.30

Exhbition open until Friday 10 February

The fourth installment of the Sandberg Institute's showcase event at the Netherlands Media Art Institute will open on January 20 2012.

Students from all departments of this post-graduate school will be presenting new work (Fine Arts, Design, Interior Architecture and Applied Arts).

Transitions of perception. Transitions of meaning. Transitions of long-held positions. Transitions of momentum and influence.

The opening night will include performances by Stef Meul, Alonso Vasquez, Yosuke, Kroot Juurak, David Bernstein/Sander van Wettum (TBC)

The exhibition will feature installation work by current students Sabine Ruitenbeek & Iris Bijvelds, Wonjung Shin/Diana Band, Daniela Bershan, Diego Tonus, Kevin Bray, Leanne Wijnsma, Simone Niquille. The exhibition will be up for three weeks from Friday January 20, closing on Friday 10th of February.

Simone C. Niquille, C me Centre, 2011
Diana Band, ring ring rain, 2011
Leanne Wijnsma, Your Message was Successfully Sent, 2012
Hi, I am the internet.
Tell me what you want to say and I show you how free you are

Sabine Ruitenberg & Iris Bijvelds, Monument for technological expension and future invisible inventions, 2012
Diego Tonus, Speculative Speeches (Workers of the world – Relax), 2012, 22 minutes
Daniela Bersha, Back in/to Black, 2012
Kévin Bray, Physical mashup, 2012
Kévin Bray, Lexical field of two mediums, 2012

Transitions: Sandberg Institute at NIMk #4 is produced by Theus Zwakhals and Petra Heck (NIMk) and Emile Zile (ex-SI Fine Arts)

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/132056083572794/