19 October 2012: 20.00 - 00.00

On the 19th October 'The last event' of NIMk will take place at Keizersgracht. Although during this evening there will be no exhibition at NIMk, this doesn´t mean there will be no art for you to enjoy and experience.
Performances by the artists Mark Bain, Justin Bennett, JODI, Germaine Kruip, Pawel Kruk, Jonathan Reus, Rosa Menkman and Emile Zile will take place in the 'empty' building. And there will be a sculpture by Leonard van Munster.

Sound Memories, apologies, a performative app, the building as sonic instrument, the simulation of a falling star, the last signal and more....

Also: Viral Radio with Gerri Jäger, François Dey and Juha van 't Zelfde.

19 oktober 2012, 20.00-00.00 hours
Keizersgracht 264

Dress code: 'No Input Signal' color blue