The Greater Cloud Intro

December 10th - February 5th 2011
opening December 9: 6 - 8 PM

curated by Aleksandra Domanovic, Petra Heck, Oliver Laric and Katja Novitskova

The Greater Cloud* is a show in which the Internet as a platform, medium or subject matter functions as a source of inspiration for artists and influences their artistic practice. The Internet has become banal and ubiquitous. Starting point for this exhibition is what this means for a younger generation of artists and curators. Elements that are key to the Internet nowadays and form the background to The Greater Cloud are: distributed forms of collectivity, the sharing and distribution of knowledge, openness of information, circulation of digital material as well as formal properties like connectivity, performativity or 3D programming elements. The works derive from Internet based materials or ideas or processes connected to the Internet. 

As a consequence of internet’s characteristics and practice, that are based on sharing, distribution and circulation, The Greater Cloud is not only curated by NIMk’s curator Petra Heck, but co-curated by the artists/curators Aleksandra Domanovic, Oliver Laric, and Katja Novitskova. Everyone gets to fill one space while referencing to the theme of the show according to their own opinion, taste and style. And in addition to this every visitor can become a co-curator too. One of the exhibition spaces can be filled up by the visitor by adding artworks found online. A computer with a blog devoted to this exhibition will be connected to a beamer so that everyone can browse through and upload things to it.

*The title The Greater Cloud is a quotation taken from an article written by Josephine Bosma and published in the catalogue 'Collect the WWWorld' in 2011.

December 11th 2011, 15.00
Artist talks by Harm van den Dorpel and Lance Wakeling.