The new interactive and sustainable art work by Daan Roosegaarde in Rotterdam (NL)

After 4 intense years in the making, Studio Roosegaarde is proud to present its new permanent artwork, Dune 4.2. With preceding versions of this particular work causing a stir in prestigious institutions and prominent public spaces all over the globe since the debut of its first prototype in Amsterdam in late 2006, this exciting upgrade of one of Dutch media artist Daan Roosegaarde’s most widely celebrated public works will soon be installed in De Esch, an upcoming neighborhood in Rotterdam. Open to the public, an official opening is slated to commence on Thursday, October 29 at 7pm.

Situated alongside the historic River Maas and spanning 60 meters, Dune 4.2 is a unique installation composed of hundreds of LED lights. The work, commissioned by CBK Rotterdam, can be described as an interactive landscape which has been programmed to dynamically engage and correspond with the movements of passers-by, consequently generating pulsating shifts in light. Dune 4.2 was previously shown in numerous international venues, ranging from the Tate Modern in London to Hong Kong’s City Hall. Roosegaarde maintained that the initial idea for Dune emerged out of the need
for a public artwork which could simultaneously contribute to the context of a relatively unfrequented area beside the river and act as a catalyst for communal activities amongst the existing residents. Paying heed to present-day concerns relating to effective energy usage, the installation was constructed with aesthetic as well as pragmatic intentions in mind: despite its expansive dimensions, Dune 4.2 resourcefully utilizes less than 60 WATTS, rendering it a sustainable as well as cutting-edge concept.

Inspired by the novels of J.G. Ballard and the films of David Lynch, Roosegaarde’s work generally attempts to ‘converse’ with audiences by instigating playful interactions with each individual visitor. Customized with state-of-the-art interactive technology, Dune is an ‘intelligent’ work which modifies its appearance based on the dynamics detected in human behavior. The piece ultimately draws inspiration from Roosegaarde’s ongoing fascination with the gray area that resides between architecture, people and technology.

In the artist’s world, conventional perceptions of spatial environments are continuously being put to the test, perpetuated by the theory that nature and technology are evolving in tandem towards an eventual merger.

Public are heartily welcomed to join us at Watertorenweg in neighborhood Esch Rotterdam (reachable by Tram 21 via Rotterdam Central Station) for the opening at 19.00. A special performance by the dance company, 2Move, will be staged in conjunction with the debut of this compelling new work. In addition to the exciting festivities, Studio Roosegaarde will also be celebrating the launch of Progressive Realities, a brand new publication documenting the evolution of Dune. The independently published booklet is being presented as a collaborative project between the Rotterdam-based graphic designer Paul Swagerman, Malaysian architecture and design editor Adele Chong and Daan Roosegaarde.

Please register for the drinks and booklaunch at 20.00 by mailing us.


Project name: Dune 4.2
Special advisor: CBK Rotterdam (Marjolijn van der Meijden).
Client: OBR Rotterdam.

Special Thanks
To the people of Studio Roosegaarde; Peter de Man (head R&D) and Ruud Bijnen, Bruce Ferwerda, Rob Hebing, Ruben Thier, Mafalda Rangel, Mark Schouten (Young Professionals at Studio Roosegaarde), Axis Stuifmeel (assembly) and members of ‘Kunst in de Esch.’