Museum Night 2011

Saturday 5th November, 19.00 - 02.00

Image: CrowdDJ by Tom Laan

NIMk presents ‘The art of Hacking’, an exhibition which focuses on the artistic side of hacking. The artists in this exhibition highlight the imperfections of our surroundings and daily lives. The projects subvert, improve on or circumnavigate ‘official’ systems and practices and offer alternatives.

During the Museum Night the Netherlands Media Art Institute will be hacked by artists and artist groups with interventions, installations, performances, DJ/VJ sets and workshops. Following you can get a glimpse of the events mentioned above, therefore we invite you to come and experience first-hand the hacker's mindset!

Project space
20:30 - 21:15 Fruitpower
21:30 - 22:30 CrowdDJ
22:30 - 23:30 Atom TM co-presented by Optofonica
23.30 - 02:00 DNK DJ UNIT - DJ Too Young & Masterfader (b2b)

Mediatheque / BAR / Cocktailbar Blendz
19:30 - 21.30 Workshop Build your own personal bristle bot

First floor
19:00 – 01:00 The Art of Hacking
 The Art of Hacking Exhibition
With works by:Heath Bunting, Harmen de Hoop, moddr_, Cornelia Sollfrank, The Yes Men, ÜBERMORGEN.COM and Nancy Mauro-Flude/Mez Breeze/Sara Platon read more »

20.30 - 22.30 Workshops by moddr_

Platform 2
19:00 – 01:00 Robert Overweg, Andre Avelas and Job van Doeselaar
 Platform 2
Platform 2 is NIMk's new exhibition space. This second space, which is situated on the second floor, is an alternative, autonomous space with presentations that run parallel with the exhibitions programmed on the first floor. read more »

Workshop Build your own personal bristle bot – Kristina Anderson
NIMk organizes the workshop 'Build your own personal bristle bot' in collaboration with Steim. During the workshop you will be able to make your own moving robot. Using recycled materials ranging from toothbrushes and sticks to pens and paperclips you will be able to construct a bristle-bot, jiggle-bot of draw-bot....... Welcome to the world of makers!

Workshops by moddr_

During museumnight moddr_ will present several of their recent projects as workshops. You can take part in the 'Jailbreak!' workshop during which they will give old iOS and android mobiles or tablets a customized operating system or the OV-chipcard hacking workshop during which old GVB tickets can become entrance tickets for the new WORM club in Rotterdam. Further, Birgit Bachler and Tim C. Schwartz will be around to explain their work which is currently on show in the ' The Art of Hacking' exhibition at NIMk Registration via:

Thys Scheele, Robert Pravda en Xavier van Wersch.

It is well known that fruit can be used in constructing a sort of battery. By incerting two types of metal into a citrus fruit it is possible to create a tiny electrical impulse. During the performance the team of Fruitpower analyzes the electrical properties of various fruits and converts their energy into audio frequencies using their organic synthesis. Fruitpower hacks fruit!

Photo by Rienk Mebius

CrowdDJ by Tom Laan is an interactive sound mixer that gives control to the audience over the music - automatic clubbing. Each part of the dance floor activates a specific sound channel. Hence keep on dancing otherwise the music stops!

Atom TM is but one alias for the ever-inventive German electronic musician, graphic and visual artist Uwe Schmidt. Schmidt has recorded under a dazzling array of aliases of which his most notorious moniker is probably Señor Coconut. Originally coming from acid house, techno and ambient, his recent musical adventures have shown no sign of becoming less diverse incorporating, classical, glitch, Latin, lounge and experimental music elements. The fact is, one hardly ever knows what to expect from Schmidt next - only that it will undoubtedly be music of high quality.

The DNK DJ UNIT DJ Too Young & Masterfader (b2b)
Hot New Engish Bass Music, Cranked Up Beats and Mutated R&B.

Survival Slide Show, compiled by Katja Novitskova
Beyonce with elongated skull 2010 by Iain Ball

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