opening event

Opening In Search of the Unknown


Foamlab and Antoine Schmitt

The Netherlands Media Art Institute invites you to come to the opening of the new exhibition In Search of the Unknown on Friday February 13 at 5:00 p.m.. At the opening there will be a performance by Foamlab (6:00 p.m) and a light installation by Antoine Schmitt.

Hard Landing
When astronauts, after their umpteenth mission in space, reenter the earth's ionosphere, edge their way through the endless layers of space debris and set foot on the planet, who still welcomes them? Who is there waiting for them?
Foamlab presents: Johannes Sterk and Elias Tieleman after their return to earth.
Arrival: Friday February 13th at 18:00 h.

Antoine Schmitt with light installation TIME SLIP

On the screen, a news ticker constantly displays scrolling textual news, but these news are conjugated at the future tense: the NASDAQ will drop 4.3 points today,A plane crash in Madrid will kill 153 people, The Giants will crush the RedSocks 10 to 3 .. Apart from the tense of the verbs, all the news are completely true...
It is as if he was projected in the past of a few hours and that someone told him the future. Or for someone who would not already know the news, it would be like if an oracle would tell her the future in advance. It is a work that introduces a crack in the flow of time. All the more because it uses graphic codes and display contexts usually attached to real news.

TIME SLIP is a programmed generative artwork based on a custom software that feeds from the official news agencies and changes the tense of selected news from past or present to future tense.