TodaysArt's director and founder, and director of the Netherlands Media Arts Insitute (NIMk), Olof van Winden, has been appointed to the curatorial team of the 7th Seoul International Media Art Biennale (Media City Seoul 2012).

Inaugurated in 2000 with a specific aim to enforce the images of the city Seoul as a capital of technological development, the exhibition has been recognized as one of the few international biennales with a focus on ‘media art’. As the possibilities of media continue to redefine and alter everyday life, it is an opportune moment to re-examine our basic notion of media, in order to intelligently and thoughtfully head forth into a new era. Media City Seoul aims to take on the biennale one step further and think about media beyond its formal definitions.

Media City Seoul 2012 is hosted by the Seoul Museum of Art and Seoul Metropolitan Government and brings together new and recent works by approximately fifty international artists.

The artistic direction is in the hand of Jinsang Yoo and his team of three internationally renowned curators of contemporary media art, consisting of Olof van Winden (Director of TodaysArt and director of The Netherlands Media Art Institute / NIMk) Yukiko Shikata (Independent Curator) and Dooeun Choi (Creative Director of Art Nabi Art Center and Co-curator of Zero1 festival at San Jose)

Olof van Winden (1976, Mukumu, Kenya) received education at the Hotel School in The Hague. After working in this sector for some years, he opted for a totally different career. His first step into a new field of work was in The Hague in 2002, with the Sound/Vision Festival on the Malieveld. Soon after, he became involved with Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival. In 2004, he established The Generator Foundation, an organization of young creative spirits that grew into a professional festival and production platform, which organizes – among other activities – the annual TodaysArt Festival in The Hague. In addition to his work for TodaysArt he sits on committees for the Department of Art and Culture in Rotterdam and for the Mondriaan Foundation. Since 11 May 2011, van Winden has been the director of the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) in Amsterdam.

Olof’s experience on the cutting edge of media art, the performing arts and visual arts has made him a much sought-after speaker and curator at events and festivals worldwide.