TodaysArt Festival September 20,21, Den Haag

still: Mastering Bambi van Broersen & Lukács

Same, Same, but Different
NIMk program @ TodaysArt Festival September 20,21, Den Haag

‘Same, same, but different’ consists of five works that use well-known images and music, from commercials, films, art, pop music and comics, but which are given a new meaning. They are about new versions of old icons, giving rise to such questions as what is original, what is authentic, and also answering these questions.

Lernert & Sander
Natural Beauty
(NL, 2011, 2'34")

Pilvi Takala
Real Snow White
(NL, 2009, 9'15”)

Oliver Laric
Versions (2010)
(Germany, 2010 - , 9'06")

Jeroen Offerman
The Stairway at St. Paul's
(NL/UK, 2002, 8'00")

Broersen & Lukács
Mastering Bambi
(NL, 2010 - , 13'06")

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