Netherlands Media Art Institute in 2012

The coming months will bring more changes for NIMk. Because of the closure end of 2012, we will have to leave our location at Keizersgracht 264 in Amsterdam, and we have already had to say goodbye to a number of our colleagues.
As we think it is of vital importance that knowledge and expertise which was built up at NIMk in the past 30 years should be secured, a number of initiatives is being taken through which we hope to accomplish this.

SMART Project Space wants to accommodate knowledge and activities in the area of presentation. This means that presenting media art and events -within a broader context of visual arts, film, music and performance- keeps a base in Amsterdam. Also a lot of education activities (live and online) will be taking place there.
From 2013 this will happen under the name New Art Space Amsterdam (NASA).

Alongside that hard work is being done for the foundation Previously Montevideo (VH MV, working title), safekeeping the collection, services and knowledge of NIMk in the preservation and distribution of media art. This expertise is unique in the Netherlands: at the moment NIMk for instance conserves the media art works of the majority of Dutch art museums. NIMk is also partner in a number of (European) research projects in the area of media art preservation, and has always been a front-runner in these developments. We are proud of what NIMk has achieved in this area during the past decades. The new VH MV foundation will build on this experience, and will grow into an (inter)national platform for durable access to media art.
As of 1 January 2013, VH MV will take over knowledge and services for conservation and preservation of media art from NIMk.

NASA and VH MV will both be housed at the present location of SPS, which means that the collection of media art can stay accessible for the public.

Last Exhibitions

The exhibition 'Yes We Are Open'  as well as the presentation '(Im)possible Worlds' (at NIMk - Platform 2) can be visited up to 30 September. These are the last exhibitions that Netherlands Media Art Institute presents at its current location at Keizersgracht, so make sure you see them!

Final event on 19 October

On 19 October the last event at Keizersgracht will be 'celebrated'.

Netherlands Media Art Institute and SMART Project Space:
joint presentation Gabriel Lester opens during Museum Night on 3 November

NIMk and SPS present: the Statement exhibition by Gabriel Lester, with works by Lester and others around the theme 'Eternal Return. The Future that Was' opens during Museum Night with a number of special events at SPS. Gabriel Lester is an internationally renowned and much appreciated artist, who is represented in the NIMk distribution collection. During Museum Night NASA will be launched (2 – 5 AM).