Please note: all NIMk Facility services have been terminated per 1 January 2013.

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The Netherlands Media Art Institute has undertaken to promote the unrestrained development, application and distribution of, and reflection on, new technologies within the visual arts. The Netherlands Media Art Institute has a wide range of facility services to offer at cost price especially for artists and art organizations.

The Institute offers artists and art organisations to buy a Reduction card. This card gives reduction on all services, gives free entrance to exhibitions and discount on presentations. For more information about the conditions see Reduction.



A wide range of services are available through the Netherlands Media Art Institute, rental, postproduction/conservation, ICT-facilities and Consultation.

Artists can work on their video or dvd in postproduction, independently or with the support of an editor. All analog systems, from VHS to BetacamSP, are available, as is digital montage

It's possible for art organizations and artists to conserve videoworks.

At the ICT department a team of specialists searches for solutions and, at a reduced tariff, offers support in the practical execution of the work. With professional advice and a wide selection of multi-media equipment, artists receive guidance in the development and realisation of projects.

In principle, artists can approach the Consultation with all questions having to do with production, presentation and development. The emphasis lies on technical questions, on new ways of employing hardware and software in producing art.

If not mentioned otherwise prizes are per dag per piece, in euro's, exclusive of 19 % VAT. The prices are based on the reduction card. Clients without a reduction card have to pay 25% extra on the mentioned prices.

For all services the general rental and delivery conditions apply, these are registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under the number KvK 41201300.

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