Please note! As of 1 January 2013, NIMk is closed. We no longer organise, present or host exhibitions and events


The last NIMk exhibition running up to the end of 2012, was organised in cooperation with SMART Project Space.

The Netherlands Media Art Institute presents four exhibitions per year, with Dutch and international artists who work with video, film, internet and other technological media. These can be group or thematic exhibitions, solo presentations and retrospectives, or exhibitions put together in cooperation with other institutions. As well as showing rising young talents, NIMk also hosts famed international artists who have never before been shown extensively in The Netherlands, such as Marina Abramovic, John Bock en Cory Arcangel. The exhibitions pose questions about the consequences of technological developments for contemporary art, the artwork itself, and the artistic process. The presentations range from art-historic currents and themes to more popular cultural aspects such as gaming, music, fashion and web 2.0, and how these relate to media art. The exhibitions run for about ten weeks.

Between these longer exhibitions there is room in the schedule for shorter, more experimental presentations to take place. These can be short exhibitions or symposia, screenings, live performances in image or sound.

For an overview of all exhibitions and activities that have been organized by the Netherlands Media Art Institute see the archive.