New technologies for distribution

This publication is the report of the research 'Context in Content'. About new technologies for distribution of video art and experimental film.

The possibilities for distribution of video art and experimental movies are evolving in terms of both technique and audience now that the borders between audiovisual media, telecommunication and Information and Communication Technology are fading and digital television and HDTV etc. develops more and more. The internet offers artists and distributors new ways of distributing video works through streaming technologies. Distribution is becoming easier, quicker and cheaper. The Netherlands Media Art Institute has started up in 2002 an infrastructure and project for streaming her media under the name “Content in Context in order to ensure the long-term continuation of the innovative function of dissemination of media art. On April 14, 15, 16, 2005 during the Dutch Open festival (www.dutchopen.org) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Media Art Institute offered the opportunity to get a state of the art overview on new ways of distribution of video art by organizing a seminar and expert meetings on new techniques and their potential for the distribution of video art. This publication is the report of the research the seminar and the expert meetings. The project Content in Context is described and a related article is published by Stoffel Debuysere, Audiovisual media in a network culture.

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Part 1 End Report by Gaby Wijers
Part 2 Programme and Reports
Part 3 Article by Stoffel Debuysere