5 Days Off 2011

March 2 - 6, 2011 — The eleventh edition of the annual 5 Days Off festival will take place from 2 through 6 March, 2011, showcasing the latest developments surrounding electronic music. The culture of electronic music, DJ's and VJ's, remixing and clips is also the starting point for the arts program of 5 Days Off, which opens under the title 5 Days On, on 18 February with an exhibition in the NIMk, Cloud Sounds.

We Are Forests workshops 

Cloud Sounds Live Sessions and Workshops


March 4 and 5 — Duncan Speakman & Emilie Grenier are currently artists in residence @NIMk throughout March 2011. They are developing We Are Forests, a new mobile soundwork that explores intimacy in public spaces. This series of pop-up workshops will appeal to anyone with a sense of play, and an interest in communication


2, 3, 4 and 5 March — There will be special performances, presentations and workshops during the 5 Days Off festival (2 - 6 March) by Duncan Speakman & Emilie Grenier, Nomadic Sound System (Benjamin Newland) and Dirk Oosterbosch, Mark Wubben & Elco Wagenaar.

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Over Cloud Sounds by Ine Poppe 

Cloud Sounds


Many of the people around me have an iPhone; I don't. Sometimes you see a handy app which makes you think that it would be nice if you did have one. Myself, I am looking forward to the iPhone that will be delivered to my door one of these days. In the best case, our gadgets make life more pleasant.


19 February - 29 April 2011 — The culture of electronic music, DJ's and VJ's, remixing and clips is the starting point for the exhibition Cloud Sounds at NIMk, Paradiso and Melkweg, opening on 18 February.

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opening event
Cloud Sounds Works 

Cloud Sounds Opening


In Cloud Sounds, the participating artists use musical subjects and processes for their work. Cloud Sounds explores production methods in the visual arts in which the input from the public is essential.


Friday 18 February — On Friday February 18 the Cloud Sounds exhibition in NIMK, Melkweg and Paradiso open together. Please you are all invited! Free entrance

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