week 2 – budapest

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Dear Emilie,

It’s good to be back on the project and exciting to be in a new city. coque huawei Kibu is such an active space, a big shift from the meditative calm of the NiMK artlab. coque iphone Once again we’re resettling in a new world and just like the last two venues it’s amazing how welcome we’ve been made to feel. Have you noticed how the drive of the institution affects our workflow and interests.

The fact I’ve thrown myself at programming and microcomputers is definitely inspired by the fact we’re surrounded by wires, robots and geeks. We said that we’d make an effort to change our working patterns for this leg of the residency, and in this second week it’s definitely happened. iphone 11 case How are you finding the late start very late finish? I enjoy the fact that during the day there’s a lot of people and discussion but then it becomes easy to focus once it calms down in the evening.

I’m glad we’re still exploring two systems (phone + gumstix) and I especially like the suggestion you made to turn the gumstix branch into a two person experience. pokemon peluche It makes sense to me to explore the intimacy/public space question as a one-to-one experience, it’s a good counterpoint to the multiple participant space of the phone system. coque samsung I like where you’re going with the idea of the music box as an object to contain the technology, do you think there’s a risk it has too many nostalgic connotations? The music box itself looks good, if somewhat overly scary . coque samsung . .

It’s been interesting to rework the script for the phone piece too, delving into the details of intonation and suggestion, trying to keep it poetic while still remaining pragmatic about how to shape the contributions and choreography of the audience. coque huawei

I’m looking forward to today’s first proper test of the phone system.

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