Week 2 Fri: Dogtime + Saviours

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Once I thought we might be getting somewhere with the phone system and decided that we may draw on the power of music in the piece, I started experimenting with music through IP phonelines. oh joy!We all know phone quality is bad, but through these software systems it gets even worse. The funniest thing is that the compression/filtering systems that they seem to use create the kind of sound processing that electronic musicians spend all their time working with. collier argent


Sending a bit of Maria Callas through a Tropo conference call leaves it sounding like an Autechre b-side, iphone 11 case sadly sending an Autechre b-side through it doesn’t end up operatic. coque iphone This is going to create some limitations for us but at the same time we can play with what it offers us, coque iphone the fragile breaking up of musical strains.
The evening saw a visit to a local exhibition ( of the local Dogtime course )and a chance encounter courtesy of my friend Marieke. A friend of hers happened to be experienced with using Asterisk (the open source phone system we wanted to use), coque huawei plus he was an artist, iphone case worked with the fantastic Mediamatic, coque iphone and was interested in our project, ladies and gentleman, let me introduce our new project collaborator,

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