Week 2 Thurs: ‘Twitter baiting’

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With Dan away in SXSW I set to work tackling Tropo, iphone 11 case after successfully setting up an answering machine service I began to drill into our conference muting/unmuting problem.

Spending a while in IRC chatrooms with their technical and customer support teams we eventually got news that a new development build would be released the following week, coque samsung so we should sit tight.

It was also the time we realised the power of twitter baiting, bracelet bijoux especially with new competing start-up companies! Mention one complaint/bug about a company on twitter and before you know it the company is replying to you and offering to sort out problems, iphone 11 case then the other companies chime in with their own services and offers of even ‘more’ support.

Sometimes they can be a bit over zealous in their monitoring if twitter though.


In one case we had been testing things with Twilio (a competitor service to Tropo) and found problems with their international phone support, we emailed their helpline but got no response, but then we mentioned the problem on twitter and got an @reply from them saying, coque iphone ‘we can help, coque iphone just send us an email’

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