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the first few days at the PMstudio were filled with the usual admin that comes with such residencies, coque huawei especially when there are numerous partners and artists arriving in new countries. coque samsung With admin tackled during the days the evenings became a time to start re-examining our original ideas., coque huawei especially thoughts around co-authorship, whether that between us and the audience or within the audience.
We decided quite quickly that we wanted to lead the audience towards the idea of speaking out loud, coque samsung and not throw them into it. bijoux personnalise coque samsung We devised a series of written tasks that we published on a vague website, coque iphone bijoux personnalise the original invitation was simply ‘what would you whisper in a stranger’s ear’ with an anonymous comment system and no information about the context.

See the website at

Slowly we added new tasks over the following days, coque huawei collier argent and a little bit more contextual information about the project, eventually we added a comment system where participants were encourage to draw their response to the question. bijoux pas cher This shift into visual contribution was an uncomfortable diversion for me,

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