5 days off Dance event

From 08-07-2006 until 16-07-2006

Dance event in coorporation with Mojo, Melkweg, Paradiso

5 days off has grown into a festival with allure. The organisers of 5 days off constantly strive to increase awareness of other art forms associated with the culture of 5 days off. During the festival, there will be an exhibition in the Netherlands Media Art Institute. Besides the exhibition SENSORIUM, there will be a live performance every night at 9 p.m. in the Institute.

During 5 days off the Netherlands Media Art Institute presents a number of installations and live performances. The exhibition SENSORIUM consists of interactive installations, single channel projects, spacious objects and live image and sound performances.

DAY 1: Wednesday 12th July

MELKWEG: Happy Mondays / Dave Clarke / Ellen Allien & Apparat live / Booka Shade / Left & Right [Luciano & Ricardo Villalobos] / Tomas Andersson / Boris Werner / Trabant / Melon / Michelle Sars & Polly Esther / cinema: Plexi Presents ‘High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno’ / VJ: Captain Video, Kijkbuiskinderen

PARADISO: Maxïmo Park / Infadels / Hot Chip / Dans Le Rock / New Young Ponyclub / Shy Child / Shit Disco / Dirk Ungawa / Brand New DVJ team / Noodlanding DJ’s

NETHERLANDS MEDIA ART INSTITUTE: Terrace - ambience, electronica
and minimal techno by Stefan Robbers (Eevo Lute Muzique)

DAY 2: Thursday 13th July

MELKWEG: Yonderboi / Scanner & Tez / Kurt D’haeseleer, TUK & Shelbatra Jashari / Herbaliser (DJ set) / DJ Food / cinema: Plexi Presents ‘High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno’ / VJ: Kijkbuiskinderen

PARADISO: Richie Hawtin / Heartthrob / Troy Pierce / Bart Skils / Gui Boratto / Kaito / Kostas / San Proper Solo / VJ: OUTOFORDER

Jahcoozi - Berlin based band with a sound described as 'ragga-tech, bliphop or click pop illectronica'

DAY 3: Friday 14th July

MELKWEG: Radio Soulwax feat. Soulwax Nite versions, 2 Many DJ’s, Zombie Nation, Justice, Boys Noize /Digitalism / Headman / Joost van Bellen / Spektrum / Carlos Valdes / Soulrock & friends / VJ: Robotfunk, Kijkbuiskinderen

PARADISO: Aardvarck (live) / Ryoji Ikeda / Motor / Jackson and his Computerband / B12 / Uusitalo (aka Vladislav Delay) & Lillevan (aka rechenzentrum) / COH & Tina Frank / Nuno Dos Santos / Duplex (DJ set) / The Killimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble / 030303 / Cane / Nettle / Bunker Records Label Night – live: RA-X, Filter Fedde, Sendex, DJ set: TLR / VJ: Citizen, Slof

DAY 4: Saturday 15th July

MELKWEG: LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad / Lady Sovereign / Artificial Intelligence / Blaxtar / Kubus / Mad Ed / C-code/ VJ: Subliminal Mess, Kijkbuiskinderen

PARADISO: David Guetta / DJ Deep / Stijn Didier / Matik / Malomanics / Drifter TV / Josz Lebon / Eric de Man / Lupe / Shiva / VJ: Photonic

NETHERLANDS MEDIA ART INSTITUTE: Incite - minimal listening, 'bone dry minimal elektronics'

DAY 5: Sunday 16th July

MELKWEG: Junkie XL / My Robot Friend / Eddy de Clercq / Benny Rodrigues / Timo Maas / David Labeij / Eric Cycle & DJ Drifter / DJ Broadcast DJ team / VJ: Robotfunk, Kijkbuiskinderen

NETHERLANDS MEDIA ART INSTITUTE: Se mi sei vicino...(If you are close to me...) - Performance by Sonia Cillari

(July 12th – 16th):
Noise Room – Jan Werner (Mouse on Mars, STEIM), daily 20.00 – 01.00 / Burnstation – Platoniq and Rama / 4d Pixel - Daan Roosegaarde

For more information about 5 days off, the programming and ticket information, see: www.5daysoff.nl

Thanks to:
Mondriaan Stichting, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds voor Podium Programmering & Marketing, BeamSystems