Yolande Harris Sun Run Sun

Artist in Residence from 19/11/2007 - 19/03/2008

Yolande Harris, Sun Run Sun

Sun Run Sun investigates the split between the embodied experience of location and the calculated data of position. A series of portable personal 'instruments', currently under development, transform satellite data directly into a sonic composition. This composition constantly varies in response to the changing location of the player as they move through their physical environment. The player/navigator's experience of their own locational shifts are augmented by corresponding shifts in the electronic soundscape, as it is calculated/performed in real-time and played via headphones.

Dead Reckoning sound and video installation using live GPS data

Sun Run Sun explores the individual experience of current location technologies through a personal experience of sound. It seeks to (re)establish a sense of personal connectedness to one's environment, and to (re)negotiate this through an investigation into old, new, future and animal navigation using sound.

Satelite Sounder

Yolande:' The project development over the last four months has been intense and varied, and the months of March and April hold the exhibitions and performances of five related works on the theme of navigation technologies, environment and sound. The central work was the Satellite Sounders small portable instruments for hearing the live data from the GPS satellite network. These could be tried out by walking along the canals around NIMk and are part of the upcoming Territorial Phantom exhibition there. The two installation pieces, Dead Reckoning and Navigating by Circles presented spaces of intuitive navigation in sound and video, in Amsterdam and Den Haag.

I'll be presenting the ideas behind the project at a symposium on Eco-Visualisation with other artists working on environmental issues at Mediamatic in Amsterdam, at a symposium on Sonic Navigations at NIMk, and at a Test_Lab evening at V2_ in Rotterdam. These events are bracketed by two performances that introduce and explore the materials of live satellite data and environmental sound recordings, Amphibian and Sun Running at <>TAG and STEIM.'


Satelllite Sounders and Dead Reckoning / City Walk


15/3 17:00 hrs Amphibian
performance during Dag in de Branding Festival at <>TAG in Den Haag

20/3 19:00-22:00 hrs
lecture at symposium on Eco-Visualisation organised by <>TAG at Mediamatic in Amsterdam

22/3 - 28/4 Navigating by Circles
22/3 17:00 hrs opening event
video and sound installation in the Eco-Visualisation exhibition curated by Tiffany Holmes and Hicham Khalidi at <>TAG in Den Haag

29/3 - 12/5 Satelllite Sounders and Dead Reckoning
28/3 17:00 hrs opening
sonic walk and sound installation in the Territorial Phantom exhibition at Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam.

2/4 20:30 hrs Sun Running
performance at STEIM in Amsterdam

15/4 Navigating the Space of the Future
symposium around the project Sun Run Sun, including presentation by David Dunn, at Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam.

17/4 Sun Run Sun
presentation at Test_Lab Topologies, V2_Insitute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam.