The Netherlands Media Art Institute has a long tradition of supporting artists in production, presentation and development. The advice that we offer through open consultation is part of this. In principle, artists can approach the consultation with all questions having to do with production, presentation and development. The emphasis lies on technical questions, on new ways of employing hardware and software in producing art. The consultation is free of charge.

To make effective use of this advisory service, the following rules apply. Questions must be presented clearly, and in writing, so that we can survey the necessary expertise, and in case we do not have that in-house, can seek it out. If the question can be answered clearly and simply, advice will follow in writing within two or three weeks. For questions which are more complicated, we invite the artists to a discussion combined with verbal advice. If further research appears necessary, the advice will follow in writing within an agreed-upon period. To this point, the consultation is free.

If the questions and discussions demand extensive research, we will make a tender of the expected costs involved, and only go further if the artist commissions us to proceed. Membership is from this point on compulsory.

Depending on demand, the consultations will be held at intervals of two to four weeks.