The Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) promotes the wide development, application and distribution of, and reflection on new technologies in the visual arts. The Netherlands Media Art Institute supports media art in three core areas: presentation, research and collection, and through its facilities provides extensive services for artists and art institutions. Associated with this are educational programmes, which are developed for all activities.

The NIMk is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the city of Amsterdam
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The presentation department focuses on showing media art. Among other tasks, this division organizes exhibitions in the Institute's own gallery space. The long-running group and theme shows, such as solo exhibitions, retrospectives or shows in cooperation with other institutions, are museal presentations. They afford insight into an oeuvre or theme in a clear manner. Between the longer-running exhibitions there is room for more experimental presentations such as short exhibitions, symposia, screenings, live performances in image and sound, or test installations by artists and students. Activities are also organized outside our premises. This happens both on our own initiative and in collaboration with other organizations and art institutions.

Since the founding of the Netherlands Media Art Institute in 1978 an extensive collection of video and media art has been assembled, to which new works are continually being added. At present the collection comprises more than 1500 works, ranging from early experiments by artists now famous in The Netherlands and internationally to recent productions by up-and-coming talents. Almost all works, including the installations, are available for exhibitions and presentation both in The Netherlands and in other countries.

In order to promote a wide public knowledge of media art, the Netherlands Media Art Institute carries on an active distribution policy. Video works and media installations from the collection are to be seen at Dutch and international festivals, events and exhibitions, in galleries, museums and other art institutions.

The Netherlands Media Art Institute supports research by artists into the use of new media in the visual arts. Artists can be brought into contact with one another, collaborate, experiment, and create new work.

Since 1992 the Netherlands Media Art Institute has developed into a center of expertise for the conservation of media art. The Institute develops and performs research into models and theories in this field. Furthermore, it performs services in restoration and conservation for other public and private video collections.

The Netherlands Media Art Institute performs a wide range of services: post-production, conservation and ICT, and provides advice to artists on technical questions.


The Netherlands Media Art Institute has developed structural educational programs to accompany all of its core tasks. These provide a varied selection for various target audiences, including the general public, secondary schools, art academies and specialized groups such as artists, art historians and conservators.