Soundwwwalk - live browser-based sound performances

SPSound in association with NIMk present: Soundwwwalk - live browser-based sound performances
With Jamie Allen, Constant Dullaart, Bernhard Garnicnig, JODI, Joseph Lai Orchestra, Peter Moosgaard, Ceci Moss and Will Schrimshaw

Thursday 29 March, 20.30 hrs
Doors open: 20.00 hrs | Start: 20.30 hrs | Tickets: € 5,00
SMART Project Space | Arie Biemondstraat 111 | 1054 PD Amsterdam | tel 31 (0)20 427 59 51

Soundwwwalk performances are an emerging genre of live browser-based performances where improvisation meets plugin sound-collage and multitab mixing, shamelessly blending the traditions of acoustic ecologies, pro-surfing and laptop performance. Eight artists will take the audience on a sonic detour through the World Wide Web.

A Soundwwwalk considers the act of surfing the World Wide Web as a form of sonic action in the networked space of the Internet, a place where multitudes of sound sources, sonic events and acoustic phenomena converge. All performances follow the Soundwwwalk One-Line-Manifesto: “All sound sources must be played in a browser, must not be self-produced and must be publicly accessible.” The artists will perform their Soundwwwalks in person on stage or transmit the notation, sometimes in real time, to a local interpreter operating the browser.

The Vienna based artist Bernhard Garnicnig has initiated this performance series in 2009, inspired by the world wide web becoming the largest possible library of sonic artefacts and recordings, considering any sound and video file uploaded to the web as potential but fluctuative material for sonic ideas and actions.

Live Soundwwwalk performances and compositions by Jamie Allen, Constant Dullaart, Bernhard Garnicnig, JODI, Joseph Lai Orchestra, Peter Moosgaard, Ceci Moss en Will Schrimshaw.

Jamie Allen will perform a Soundwwwalk which references and mines the vast functional audio archives of the internet. Audio for hardware, through hardware.

In previous Soundwwwalk performances, Constant Dullaart has been connecting text to speech generators, noise generators and effect library samples to shape abstract but wildly entertaining stage performances. These sometimes involve the interpreter banging his head on the keyboard to feed characters into a text to speech engine.

JODI is the pioneering net art collective of Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans. JODI's work displays the way online systems (dis)function.

The Joseph Lai Orchestra will perform the first ever on stage Soundwwwalk group performance, focussing on the poetic space between being - musically speaking - in tune and not quite getting there.

Peter Moosgaard makes associative sound collages inspired by radical constructivism, science fiction father figures and sweaty disco hymns.

Ceci Moss composition is a dense, eclectic chorus of recordings of the human voice found on the web.

Will Schrimshaw's composition is based on the sonic phenomena and resonating properties of the physical network infrastructure the world wide web is built upon.

Recordings of previous performances can be found on

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