Archiving Media Art: Politics and Strategies

Archiving Media Art - Politics and Strategies II :
The Future of Media Art

Worldwide, small and medium sized art centres have supported experiments in new media, provided access to new technologies and exhibited and distributed media-based art. As a result many have considerable collections of videotapes, media artworks, documentation and ephemera; collections that tell a far more complete history than could ever be told by the few select pieces held in major institutions. Unfortunately, most of these independent institutions and collections exist under a constant threat of deterioration, obsolescence, inaccessibility and disrupted funding streams. How can these media art works be carried into the future? What concepts are available to warrant future media art archiving?

A panel discussion by : Andreas Spiegl (Akademie der Künste Wien, AT), Olof van Winden (Director of NIMk, NL), Robert Sakrowski (art historian and curator in the field of Net-based art, DE). More participants to be confirmed later.

Short Description of the Panel

The establishment of media art was closely related to the development of new channels of production, distribution and presentation for this art form. Early initiatives grew into institutions that are now holding archives or collections, which are closely related to the institution’s profile and mandate. The panel discusses the significance of the institutional setting with respect to the creation of the repository, the significance of the archive within the institution’s activities and its accessibility for the public and researchers.

This panel discussion is the second round table event organised by GAMA e.V. following the first panel and the launch of the GAMA site at the Ars Electronica 2009

Date & location: 4th September, 2011 @ Ars Electronica, Linz (Austria)
18:00 - 20:00
Seminar room at the Ars Electronica Center


Organizers: GAMA e.V.