Space Invaders event

12th of October

Are you familiar with the television program Wipe Out? This (originally American) game show is based on virtual platform games. In these games contestants try to reach the finish as fast as possible by overcoming typical platform game obstacles, which naturally leads to many hilarious falls. This absorption of gaming-elements into 'daily life' is an example of the merging of two worlds that is the subject of the exhibition Space Invaders: Art and the Video Game Environment. This exhibition with works by (inter)national (media)artists addresses the blurring of boundaries between the world of gaming and reality. The artworks illustrate the migration of the physical world into gaming-systems and, in reverse, the manner in which gaming-elements find their way into physical environments.

In order to explore this fascinating merging of these separate worlds even more in depth, NIMk has invited both artists and theorists to reflect on this subject during the evening of the 12th of October. The speakers will be Margarete Jahrmann, Walter Langelaar and NIMk's current Artists in Residence Dave Griffiths, Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk.

Start: 20.00 hrs
Entrance fee: 2,50
Language: English

Margarete Jahrmann (AT) (Ludic Society)

In her artistic practice Jahrmann creates gaming- and software art. In her theoretical research she focuses on software scenes and real life, social networks in coded cultures like Open Source and gaming-art. In 1996 she and Max Moswitzer (with whom she is Ludic Society) developed the independent artserver Ludic Society's artwork Parcour Ready Played is part of the Space Invaders exhibition. During her presentation Jahrmann will discuss the concept Pervasive Prosumer Plays (PPP) PPP which focuses on urban interventions, Game Art, fake identities and the art and politics of Play- Ludics
for a Ludic Society!

Walter Langelaar (NL)
Walter Langelaar works with open source software and hardware, consumer electronics and virtual networks. In his projects he interweaves virtual reality with the physical reality of objects, installations and face to face contact. He uses games, hacked electronics, software, video, sculpture and performance for his projects. During his presentation he will talk about the installation notmatch, which is presented here for the first time and is the follow up of n0tb0t . He will also discuss Urban Forensic Walk, a workshop in the shape of a situationist walk which he developed in collaboration with Katelyn Brand.,

Dave Griffiths (UK)/Aymeric Mansoux (FR)/Marloes de Valk (NL)
The artists Marloes de Valk, Dave Griffiths and Aymeric Mansoux are currently Artists in Residence at NIMk. Dave Griffiths works as an artist and programmer on installations, open source software and live coding. Aymeric Mansoux is artist, musician and media researcher and encourages the use of free software for electronic music and the creation of media art. Marloes de Valk works on installations and writes articles about free software and art. During their residency they are working on the project Naked on Pluto which will be developed further at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven and Piksel in Bergen. During their presentation, the artists will describe the concept and development of this game in depth. Naked on Pluto is a Multiplayer Text Adventure Game on Facebook which researches the and nature and limitations of social networks. The project can be followed via (on which you can find a teaser) and