Depreciated Tour

A guided tour through the Netherlands Media Art Institute’s collection, inspired by the work of Cory Arcangel. Selection of works by Petra Heck and Sandra Fauconnier, NIMk.

Created on the occasion of Cory Arcangel's solo exhibition Depreciated at NIMk, 29 August till 14 November 2009.

Vasulkas, The - Homemade TV (1974, 15'22'')

Homemade TV (Vasulkas, The) online database


Boezem, Marinus - Het beademen van de beeldbuis (1971, 2'37'')

Het beademen van de beeldbuis (Boezem, Marinus) online database

Paik, Nam June
- Global Groove (1973, 28'51'')

Global Groove (Paik, Nam June) online database

Muntadas, Antonio
- Credits (1984, 27'10'')

Credits (Muntadas, Antonio) online database

Marroquin, Raul
- The Driver (1974, 4'57'')

() online database

General Idea
- Test Tube (1979, 28'08'')

Test Tube (General Idea) online database

Kooijmans, Jeroen
- Wolkenfabriek (1996, 28'20'')

() online database

Saiz, Manuel
- Video Hacking (1999, 4'20'')

() online database

d, eddie
- Heads and Globes, Similarity Matrix (2008, 1'30'')

Heads and Globes, Similarity Matrix (oude scan) (d, eddie) online database