Playing Field

project from June 2002 - June 2003

Playing Field is an international project in which artists and students do research and experiments with streaming media. The prject started in June 2002 and will end in June 2003. Locations: Amsterdam, Mainz, Barcelona and Internet.

Within the project an open source streaming player has been developed by r a d i o q u a l i a, the Frequency Clock. Everybody can create a streaming channel and schedule programs with it. The program is freely available (‘software’ on

Playing Field gives a boost to an international open streaming network, in co-operation with XS4ALL (Amsterdam) and Location 1 (New York). A knowledge base on streaming technology is published on the website and an Open Source Streaming Agreement has been developed. This agreement regulates (cheap) server accessibility and legal aspects like copyright (‘info/OSSA’ on

Artists and students are working in the three partner-instutes, researching new streaming formats and communication methods and creating streaming artworks. Most of the artworks will be ready by the end of april and will be published on the website by then . More information, project descriptions, some results and interviews with several artists are available in ‘artworks’ on

A Closing Seminar will be organised on May 23/24 in Amsterdam. Playing Field will be evaluated here the artworks and other results will be presented and there will be time for discussion about the future of streaming media art. Participants, other artists and students and professionals in the field will be invited.

The Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts received a grant of € 94.000 from the Culture 2000 program of the European Union for Playing Field. Co-operating partners are: Institut für Medien Gestaltung, Mainz, Germany and MECAD\Media Centre of Art and Design of the Superior School of Design ESDI, Barcelona, Spain. Other sponsors are XS4ALL-foundation and Thuiskopiefonds.

Special thanks to:
Apart from the European Commission, XS4ALL and the Dutch Thuiskopiefonds gave a generous contribution to the project.

'Culture 2000' aims to provide funding for quality projects, which encourage innovation and creativity, provide real European added value and which reflect the current concerns and areas of interest of operators in the cultural field.
For 2003 funding will be given for approximately one hundred (100) one-year specific, innovative and/or experimental actions in the field of visual arts; one of these is Playing Field.