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How To Dress Up Your Favorite Old Sweater

October bague en or et turquoise 31, 2016

Most of my favorite clothes are old. coque iphone iphone 7 8 hoesje I had them for at least a couple of years, and they become significant elements in some of my favorite memories. coque samsung I love tableau taille bague femme the memories that old clothes invoke.

Sweaters are bague en or tortue no exception. coque samsung coque iphone Old sweaters are the best and despite the fact that many of mine have holes, I still wear them. iphone 11 hoesje Because 1) I bague en or homme fine love how soft bague en or blanc avec perle de culture they are, and 2) I don care.

Furthermore, fall and winter are the perfect time to slip into our well wornjeans and throw on our favorite knits, because nothing says quite like that.

But this doesn mean our outfits have to be boring or (exactly) the same everyday. bijoux personnalise iphone 7 8 plus hoesje I wear the same clothes all the time [again, because 1) I like to and 2) I don care], and yet there a lot of fun to be had ed01160c nouveau alliage creux email main rouge coeur mignon 925 argent aiguille boucles doreilles dressing up those same clothes in different ways.

One Dress 3 Ways: Capsuling with Symbology

August 29, 2016

This fall, I focusing on getting the absolute greatest mileage out of all of my clothing. coque iphone This means figuring out how to contextualize, accessorize, and maximize each piece so that I can wear them over and over.

Beyond living simply, one of my biggest passionsfor years has involved fighting for justice and creating opportunity for tour de doigt bague femme the poor around the world. This histoire d’or bague en or blanc has meant jumping on board with Noonday Collection, tournesols zircone boucles doreilles longue ligne sans allergie couleur or boucles doreilles a fashion forward me0041 nouveau multi couleur cristal lune etoile asymet 925 argent aiguille boucles doreilles pour company that partners withartisans in vulnerable communities to create beautiful jewelry.28 CommentsWardrobe capsule wardrobe, fair trade, noonday, symbology

7 Fashion Myths to boucles doreilles de luxe en zircone galaxie en laiton gland femmes bijoux de mode sans allergie Stop Believing

April 4, 2016

Friends, we bague femme taille 70 been fooled.

We been fooled to believe that there is such a bague femme ceramique blanche thing as a fashion rule. goed samsung hoesje We been told over and bague femme taille 58 over again that there are certain indispensable that must be a part of every wardrobe. iphone xs max hoesje We been told that we not capable of dressing ourselves that we need experts in the fashion industry to help us out.

But here the truth: our closets areour closets. They can be however large or small we choose. coque iphone goed iphone hoesje Our staples areourstaples. iphone 11 case They bague femme mariage have to fit our lifestyle, climate, and needs.

For years, I was fooled by the fashion industry into believing that my image was made up of the clothes that I wore. collier argent I thought I needed to dress well in bague en or avec une perle order bague en or taille 49 to be seen and appreciated by others. I spent countless hours in front of the mirror in dressing rooms, no less trying to findmy true self somewhere in a pile of textiles and price tags.

Capsule Accessory Series: 5 Powers of a Statement Necklace

March 18, 2016

Welcome back to the Capsule Accessory Series, where I share my capsule wardrobe secrets and how I use accessories hibou yeux boucles doreilles mignon vert cristal personnalite animaux boucles doreilles femmes to spice up my wardrobe. coque iphone cover iphone x xs All the pieces featured here bague femme moderne are from Noonday Collection, my favorite jewelry and accessory company. bracelet bijoux Noonday collaborates calvin klein bague femme with artisan businesses throughout the developing world, creating beautiful fair trade pieces as well as sustained opportunities for dignified work.

Read the intro post to this series, Capsule Accessory Wardrobe: How I Wear The Same Clothes All The Time.

February 8, 2016

It has bague femme swarovski been about a year since I started my capsule wardrobe project, and it been quite the placer la bague en or de viola learning experience. I now function with fewer than or couleur chic soleil perles balancent boucles doreilles cristal longues boucles doreilles sans 40 pieces in my wardrobe at one time, and have not needed to add new items since late summer last year. coque huawei It has taken me some time to figure out how to dress in Southern California, and I figured out which staples will last me the longest.

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