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Friend of the Sultan

I noted that yesterday was the 70th anniversary of acheter collier or en ligne the Operation Torch landings in North Africa, and that I’d image collier pandora be talking more about some of the local North African aspects of the campaign. The US commander in Morocco fermoir collier pandora was none other than George S. bracelet bijoux Patton. coque samsung cover iphone 7 Though his primary dealings amazon bague or jaune were with the Vichy French generals who had been running the country, he also dealt with Sultan (later King) Muhammad V and his family. The photo at left shows him with the Sultan Grand Vizir and one of the Sultan’s sons, prix collier or 750 who is, I think, a young Moulay Hassan, later King collier or jeune femme Hassan II.

In the 1970 film Patton, there is an early scene in which George C. coque huawei cover iphone 5 5s se Scott as Patton is reviewing a parade of the Royal Guard (played, I believe, by the real Moroccan Royal Guard), and is asked by a figure presumed to be the Sultan, “Tell me, general. What do you think of Morocco” Patton replies, ” I love it, excellency. coque samsung It’s a combination of the Bible . and Hollywood.”

Patton’s attitudes toward the local Arab population were not particularly enlightened, and I may write about that later, but he seems to have enjoyed collier or 750 pas cher his interaction with royalty. iphone case He noted that when the amazon collier pandora Sultan gave him the Grand Cross of Morocco, it was an award collier or diamant homme “he had never seen a Frenchman wear”; when he had a display of weapons for the Sultan and invited him to ride in his armored car, he noted that “he insisted that I sit beside him . bijoux personnalise the first time a Sultan has ever let any foreigner sit beside him.” (Patton Papers II, 151). peluche licorne The Sultan had never let the French sit next collier pandora arbre de vie to him How would Patton know this But collier or wish clearly he felt flattered. He noted of the same occasion that the Prince (the future Hassan II) “told me that when he is Sultan, I am to be his Grand Vizier and we will go everywhere in a tank.” (Patton Papers II, 151,)

“The wonderful Middle East Institute blogger Michael Collins Dunn noted the other day the passing of Amin comment faire un collier pandora Huwaydi, the former Egyptian Defense Minister and Intelligence chief . . coque huawei iphone 11 pro hoesje collier pandora pour homme .”

Marc Lynch, Abu Aardvark’s Middle East Blog at Foreign Policy

“Michael Collins Dunn is the editor of The Middle East Journal. iphone 6 6s plus hoesje He also blogs. His latest posting summarizes a lot of material on the Iranian election and bague or jaune turquoise offers some sensible interpretation. coque iphone If you are really bague or blanc aigue marine rectangulaire interested in the Middle East, you should check him out regularly.”

Gary Sick, Gary’s Choices

“Since we not covering the Tunisian elections particularly well, and neither does Tunisian media, I just point you over here. coque iphone It a great post by MEI editor Michael Collins Dunn, who . cover iphone 6 6s plus . coque samsung . clearly knows the country pretty well.”

alle, Maghreb Politics Review

“And bookmark that blog! Good posts, long posts, fast pace.”

Maghreb Politics Review again.

“I followed Michael Collins collier pandora en coeur Dunn over at the Middle East Institute blog since its beginning in January this year. Overall, it is one of the best blogs on Middle Eastern affairs. coque iphone It is a selection of educated collier or blanc jaune et rose and manifestly knowledgeable ruminations of various aspects of Middle Eastern politics and international relations in the broadest sense.”

davidroberts at The Gulf Blog

“Michael Collins Dunn over at the indefatigable and ever informative Middle East Institute collier pandora manor Blog puts forward an intriguing case collier or massif 60 cm focusing on what he sees to be some level of distortion of coverage of the taille bague or Yemani conflict.”

davidroberts at bague or blanc et resine The Gulf Blog

“What’s amazing about this blog is not just the range of subjects covered but the clear expertise of the blogger in discussing meilleur prix collier pandora them.”

John T., commenting on “Time Out for Something Completely Different: Punic and Berber Influences on Etruscan”

“Michael Collins Dunn, editor of the prestigious Middle East Journal, wrote an interesting ‘Backgrounder’ on the Berriane violence at his Middle East Institute Editor Blog. collier argent It is a strong piece, but bague or et acier imperfect (as all things are) . .

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