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Bristol, coque huawei coque samsung day 4

I’ve just arrived and settled. bijoux pas cher coque huawei He’s off to Japan.

We’ve sent each other tasks to stay connected. coque iphone Thought maps, coque samsung inking journeys, coque huawei bijoux personnalise inventing machines, coque iphone prying on strangers.

In the meantime, coque iphone iphone 11 case we’ve had an idea, iphone 11 case coque huawei and put it online for others to help it blossom. This meant we needed a name, an anchor.


Margaret Atwood asked: Where do the words go/ when we have said them?

This is We Are Forests.


Week 2 Wednesday: Sound + Faith

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As we were going to be working with some realtime sound processing (on the gumstix) it felt right to go back into a bit of research, specifically into rjdj, definitely the most known and commercially available realtime sound processing ‘experience’.I’d like to forword these thoughts with my absolute love and respect for rjdj and the people behind it, I love what they/it are offering to composers/artists/musicians/audiences, and there are some great outcome so far, but ….
the constant frustration for me with many of the rjdj experiences is their lack of structure. coque iphone They have a strong novelty factor but there rarely seems to be any thought about the possibilities of narrative.

One work (‘a tool to experience the city’) suggests so much but in the end falls in to the trap of just being a set of random sound processing (looping, resonating, echo-ing) the sounds around you), the possibilities for structuring the processing over time woudl give it the drive of a composed experience, rather than a random drift, which although often rewarding, doesn’t ever ‘say’ much.

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We tried the ‘Inception’ app, which has been highly publicised and successful. bijoux pas cher For me it’s greatest strength is the use of music and the fact that it’s clear about ‘when’ it shifts into different processing modes and musical shades. coque huawei The fact you unlock different modes also lends it some form of narrative structure. bijoux personnalise I have to say I was a bit surprised by the cheesy bubbling melody that accompanies entering the ‘dream state’, i felt more like some cheesy 60′s sci-fi moment rather than Hans Zimmer’s stunning film score. pokemon peluche (c’mon Hans, you worked on this application!).

Some of this led to me thinking about the physical narrative of our piece, similar to the way we’d moved the Bristol test group from College Green to inside the Cathedral, I started mapping out spaces and ways we could move our ‘participants’ from one to the other.

When we finish this project I’m definitely going to write a narrative time-based experience using the rjdj system.
Our other research carried on into how simple layering of music and voice can be a powerful tool. coque iphone (not that we didn’t know this already of course)One wonderful experience available online is the ‘you are listening to …’ series, From cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Montreal you can listen to a live stream of police radio mixed together with ambient music by local composers.

What is essentially mundane material combines to create a melancholy and richly atmospheric experience.

Week 2 Mon/Tues: Beginnings

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After the heady days of 5daysoff and our varied workshops we got back to digging through some of the conceptual frameworks and opportunities our project offered. coque huawei bracelet bijoux coque samsung Here’s some of the questions that drifted around

-What’s the difference between privacy and intimacy?

-What does it mean to work with a phonecall?

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- What are the assumptions we make when talking on the phone, the quality of voice lets us know it’s a phone, and background sound lets us know the location of the person on the other end. coque huawei coque iphone coque iphone

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The other common assumption is that it’s one-to-one communication, coque samsung whereas the intention of our project is to connect numerous people, coque huawei how will this change the way you speak/listen.

- What happens when all messages are ‘recorded’ as opposed to live?- As we planned to base our phone system around queued audio (i.e. coque huawei coque samsung coque iphone not a live conference, but a system where your input is recorded and ‘then’ played out to everyone) we decided to start researching phone messages, how do we speak when we know the message will be heard later?
We also took this time to realise that there were two clear routes we wanted to explore (mobile phone based and/or custom electronics), and decided we didn’t have a clear answer so decided to develop in parallel and see which was the most useful output for this residency. iphone 11 case coque huawei Both systems bring their own qualities/potentials and therefore would create two very different works, coque huawei as opposed to the ‘best’ solution to this project.

We also spent this time with Dan trying to push Tropo into a shape we could use for testing, sadly no luck there as bugs still prevented us being able to have a conference call in whcih participants could mute/unmute themselves (we thought this would be a solution to the huge washes of ambient sound that fill the call if 10 people are connected in an outdoor space)
We also took some time to meet with Rachel Feuchtwang, collier argent who reminded us what a leap of faith it was for us to undertake this new collaboration which involved living/working together for almost 3 months.


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5daysoff, coque samsung bracelet bijoux iphone 11 case 1 day later

The adrenaline rush wasn’t lurking behind the Artslab door this morning. coque huawei iphone 11 case coque huawei It was quiet. coque iphone collier argent bijoux personnalise It was weird.

(The re-purposed hospital bracelets have been cut off from around our wrists.)

We have talked, coque huawei coque huawei engaged, peluche licorne bijoux pas cher asked and answered questions. iphone 11 case iphone 11 case coque iphone We’ve invented sound machines and played street games.

Sat 5th March

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We move accommodation, to a wonderful house in Jordaan and spend a little bit of time running up and down the stairs (and away from each other) and relishing the space! Then it’s onwards to NiMK and our second pop-up workshop. coque samsung coque iphone We’re yet to fully collate all our notes from the workshops so this will be more of a step-by-step description than a careful analysis. coque huawei

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Again it was a small group made up of excellent contributors, so really useful for us in terms of testing.We started with our new favourite game of phone hide and seek, rule set is simple. bijoux personnalise Played one-on-one, you are the phone with your opponent, then you take turns to describe what’s around you one sentence at a time, back and forth. Both players can move freely around and it’s the the first person to see the other.

We played it through the different spaces in NiMK and it’s great to see how hyper people got when playing it, and also to see how they use the ambient noise the phone is picking up to identify the location of the other player (made somewhat easier in a building full of sound installations)

After this playful session we went on a point to point walk towards Dam square. iphone case coque huawei Everyone was free to make their own way there (about a 10min walk) but we were all connected to each other via a conference call. coque huawei coque iphone Similat to Bristol we set up the mode as silence but invited people to speak if they felt moved to do so. coque huawei coque samsung The sense of connection to each other was interesting, at the beginning (while still in eye contact) some people found the connection more apparent, then once we were on our own lost in the busy Saturday crowds the voice on the other end of the line became a sort of lifeline to friends.There were a number of great moments of strong connection but my favourite was when I had seen kids playing with confetti on a bridge and then a little later I heard a voice on the phone describing confetti on the floor and wondering where it had come from. pokemon peluche coque iphone I had a sense of knowing a secret, but also of someone retracing my steps, not stalking me but somehow walking through my past and in turn triggering my won memories.
Once we reached Dam square we tried an experiment in fictional narratives. collier argent iphone 11 case The group spread out across the square, all connected by a conference call again, but this time we recounted the story of Snow white to each other. bijoux pas cher Each person would fill in a line of the story when they remembered it. peluche licorne As it continued people started to draw in elements of the surroundings as either memory triggers or modern day representations of the story. pokemon peluche peluche licorne Snow White’s moment of lying in the glass coffin in the forest became the group of tourists standing in a circle around a street performer as a flock of pigeons swept up into the air. coque samsung Sometimes people held their phone up to street buskers to add a soundtrack to the experience.

Our last experiment involved a bit of sensory deprivation to test out trust in the voice on the phone. One participant was blindfolded and then guided over the phone by someone else walking at a distance from them (myself an Emilie stayed with the blind walker as a safety back-up, don’t worry, we’re not trying to kill anyone).


As was to be expected people found their olfactory (so rarely do I get to use that wonderful word) and tactile senses heightened, but for me the most interesting thing was the blind walkers awareness of the callers situation.

As the instructor was remote the listener had to be physically in one space while listening to another. iphone case At one point the instructor in my group tripped over and the blind walker suddenly had to deal with hearing their ‘lifeline’ get into trouble, but they had no sense of the instructor’s location, it could be close (therefore putting the listener potentially in the same danger) or far away (unable to be helped).

Fri 4th March

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Today we ran our first pop-up workshop with a small but well-formed group. bijoux personnalise coque huawei coque iphone Benjamin came which was really useful as he has a design head but also has spent a time with understanding acoustics and audio transmission of for his nomadic sound project. iphone 11 case coque samsung collier argent We began the session by looking at material sound properties of objects and then set-about making small broadcasting devices. bijoux pas cher peluche licorne coque huawei We moved on quickly to communication devices for shared spaces and then for remote locations.


I think I most enjoyed Emilie, coque samsung Annette and Benjamin’s dance routine with different materials for banging on walls. coque huawei bracelet bijoux As much I’d had doubts about this tangent approach of Emilie’s it was really rewarding to spend time sticking, coque iphone cutting and folding our way around the core of mediated sonic communication (wow, coque iphone that phrase seems a little bit over the top!)














The evening saw my first proper night of engaging with the dancefloor at 5daysOff. coque iphone pokemon peluche peluche licorne Bit of a drab start with the micro-genre of (what I later learnt was called) ghetto tech and then a bit of ‘laserbass’ (i hope that by the end of this project we are forests can invent it’s own micro genre).

Wed 2nd March

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We spend a morning arguing about the content/process of the workshops, and take some input from Goat Island’s use of creative response, but as always our debate leads us to the core of the idea and we get the outline finished. bijoux pas cher coque huawei coque huawei That evening 5daysoff festival opens with Ben Newland’s ‘Nomadic Sound System’, a glitzy marching band where the instruments have been replaced by horn speakers and distributed music playback. After a few radio transmission issues it hit it’s stride as we approached Melkweg and we danced along behind it as James Blake’s album echoes across the canals. iphone 11 case collier argent (which is good because it has also been our soundtrack for dancing in the workspace)





There’s some info about Ben’s project here . coque huawei Seeing the band start to spread out as they marched, we got quite inspired by the idea of being able to throw sounds out across the urban environment, but rather than just out to speakers, maybe straight into people’s ears. coque iphone bijoux personnalise Partially a development from my previous piece ‘sounds from above the ground‘ and Emilie’s Derives’s , we started drafting possible ideas for how sound might spread. coque iphone peluche licorne And what form the listening device might take, it’s easy for us to throw sound out to an audience (using radio receivers, possibly embedded in wearables) but it’s harder to get contributions back from them.



We considered headphones and a custom device for listening and then using their own phone to contribute content, but the act of speaking into a phone that you’re not listening to may crate a bump in an experience that we don’t want.
here’s some sketches of distributed sound methods -



Bastard child : this is the offspring of ‘sounds/derive’, but with a phone call added for audiences to add spoken content into the system









Pond ripple: where one central sound input distributes out to all listeners. coque huawei coque iphone coque iphone This sound input could be roving, but how would participants use it? Could it be a visible icon that they can track with their eyes?











Pass the parcel: what if the sound input is being passed from participant to participant? but what would the rules for passing be, is it like the conch in ‘lord of the flies’?









I keep wanting to write ‘audience’ in these descriptions, but end up falling for ‘participant’, not sure why, it is something to unpack later . peluche licorne coque iphone . iphone case iphone 11 case .

Thurs 3rd March

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As we’ve decided that portable electronics and sound would probably be part of the project it was time to try and bring my gumstix back to to life (super-tiny-micro-computers that can run Puredata audio software).Thanks to the wonderful work by Tim Redfern on a previous project of mine it wasn’t as much of a headache as it could have been, it was actually quite fun to get back into full-on geek mode. coque huawei coque huawei Biggest problem faced was trying to access the gumstix across the network. coque huawei A bit of tweaking routers that we found lying around NiMK allowed access but we (sorry, ‘I’ )also managed to accidentally create an open wireless access point into the office network, NiMK weren’t too happy about that, whoops!.After getting them up and running (and playing a drifting ambient soundscape in the room that would alternately please and annoy Emilie) we got ready for our first public presentation in Amsterdam.

A small but attentive audience came to see presentations by Ben Newland (see previous post) and Roel Wouters/Jonathan Puckey of panel discussion afterwards was interesting. bracelet bijoux coque iphone coque huawei Flitser is also a project that crowd-sources its content. iphone case The conversation circled around the issue of wanting artistic authorship of a piece at the same time as wanting to open it up to a collaboration with an audience. Emilie commented on how during our tests in Bristol we’d told the first group that ‘there were no rules’ but when the second test group took part she kept thinking ‘you’re all doing it wrong’. coque huawei iphone case Somewhere in these projects there is a key that involves creating the right ‘frame’ for the audience to work within. coque iphone After our discussion with the DCRC in Bristol I’m still hooked on this idea that we are actually trying to create new contexts for situations that already exist in the world. iphone 11 case Roel talked about two of their projects, one which asked people to create single frames for a music video and another where they asked people to follow instructions to create a section in a short film. pokemon peluche He pointed out that they had much less contributions for the film. collier argent coque samsung His explanation was that it wasn’t really due to the amount of commitment people had to put it in, but more to do with understanding the outcome. coque samsung A music video is easy to understand, and you know what your contribution is about, but the film was less clear, it didn’t really have a plot or reasoning apart from ‘we want to make this film with ‘you’ the viewer’. iphone 11 case In the end it all seems to come back to the ‘invitation’ you extend to the audience/participants.

Amsterdam 1st March

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We head to NiMK where Annette introduces us to the team and the building. bracelet bijoux coque samsung I don’t think we really had any idea what the scale of the institution was, coque iphone coque iphone coque huawei huge media archive, iphone 11 case coque iphone exhibition spaces etc etc. coque samsung and then there is free lunch provided everyday for staff and visiting artists ( take note PM studio ;) ). bracelet bijoux Everyone is incredibly welcoming and interested in what we’re up to, coque iphone coque samsung iphone 11 case looks like it will be a good month.We kick straight off by organising a couple of pop-up worshops. pokemon peluche One is on lo-fi sound machines, coque samsung coque iphone partly inspired by our tin-can phone session at the PM studio, coque huawei but also an opportunity to work at a tangent from technology driven communication, peluche licorne and look at what cardboard and sticky tape have to offer.The second will be back to fun with phones,

Amsterdam 28th Feb

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We’re still trying to find the best way to use this blog. coque huawei coque huawei bijoux pas cher At the moment I’ve taken on the role of the pragmatic diarist as a balance to Emilie’s poetic missives. coque iphone coque samsung iphone case First week in Amsterdam is over, iphone 11 case coque samsung coque huawei so today I’m posting a series of daily notes and reflections on what we’ve been up to-


We arrive and settle into the tiniest of hotel rooms, bijoux pas cher bijoux personnalise coque iphone the sort of place where it takes high-level geometry skills to work out how to get both suitcases through the door.

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