the supremes and four white cunts-dawn mellor

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Sophie Calle

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Something you never saw before..

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Corine Baas – A table for drinking wine 2011

Josefien nanne – de frustratie 2011

Projector from an installation 2010

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ocean sound

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Freeways Collide

We are invisible

on the information

super highway.

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A 20 minute synth sound thing

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EveryDayOneVideo November 2011 – Nr.10 saegen


Inaudible by Dries Depoorter

Inaudible shows a number of people I met on the street, listening to an MP3 player. After asking what music they were listening to, a portrait of that person was taken.
Listening to music, whether this is classical, pop, techno or hardcore, makes people experience the city in another way. The music creates another world. Other passengers along the sidewalk have no idea which world you are walking through and how the city is modificated by the kind of music you are listening to. “Inaudible” is curious about these worlds, and raises the question if they fit with the prejudices we all have while crossing that person on the sidewalk. 

Project website

by Dries Depoorter

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