the best thing that Bradford can do is not lose the game for his team

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Vikings Offense Versus Eagles DefenseVikings QB Sam Bradford leads the NFL in completion percentage (70.4) and is 2nd in QB Rating (109.7). In spite of that, the Vikings are only ranked 24th in passing (232 ypg) and 30th overall (302.6 ypg) on offense. As any Eagles fan who watched Bradford last season knows,Cheap Oakleys the best thing that Bradford can do is not lose the game for his team.

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“I think to not play a lot of football in two years and finish the season the way we did, or the way I did personally, I feel good about it,” he said. “But I’m not satisfied at all. So I’m going to go into this offseason hungrier than ever, ready to prove it all over again..

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And when we’re home in our private life, that should be private. They’re always asking you about the team at all hours of the day. So I kind of feel like if that’s the case and you want to be with me 24/7, then you’re going to hear my side of things, too.

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